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My original letter to a cancer patient

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For the record: when I originally started to collect "alternative" and nonconventional cancer healing information, this is the cover letter I sent to someone with cancer who was on a spiritual path, to accompany the informational files I enclosed.

It makes some additional “points to ponder” complementing those found on other pages of this site such as Healing Cancer ... Naturally!!! and Thoughts on Healing, so I am including it here (in a slightly adapted and enlarged version).

Dear X,

I am glad and excited that I am allowed to possibly assist you with this! There is so much I could tell and send you! My best friend’s mother had colon followed by liver cancer and I searched for information on causes and healing modalities far and wide, looking quite extensively into the various approaches and proposed causes of it.

When it comes to healing cancer and other diseases, there are basically two major approaches in the “nature camp” - the mental/emotional/spiritual approach and the approach involving “material” agents such as nutrition, herbs, supplements, physical detoxification etc., and of course, the combination of the two.

I am largely ruling out the mainstream approach here for reasons that will become clear when you study my “Why Alternatives” pages. Reading the many testimonials of top-notch physicians, oncologists and other cancer specialists and researchers on these pages should make it easy to shed any kind of unquestioning belief in conventional allopathic doctors and their typically less-than-cheery predictions (which work as suggestions).

The body is basically energy and in my view to a smaller or larger degree can be controlled by the mind, if the mind is properly trained. I further believe that basically many diseases can be due to an energetic “imbalance”, “contraction”, “blockage”, lack of energy flow or similar cause. Even so-called “terminal” cancer is known to have been completely cured by simple prayer alone as well as by a fundamental shift in consciousness!

In the following, I hope to find the right words to touch and help you.

1. First of all, don’t be afraid of your body - your body is innately self-healing (for instance, we all produce cancer cells probably on a daily basis, but our natural immunity - the God-given innate “drive to health” - normally takes care of them swiftly).

2. Take heart from the many “terminal” patients who cured themselves using natural approaches while refusing to listen to mainstream doctors: an outstanding example is Michael Gearin-Tosh diagnosed in 1995 with myeloma, bone marrow cancer, one of the most lethal cancers known.

A well-known example is Dr Lorraine Day, a high-ranking physician who had been diagnosed with breast cancer and who cured herself by natural/spiritual means. Some recommend watching her main video as a confidence booster when starting their journey of alternative cancer healing.

You can borrow this video (no need to buy it) detailing her method at the library, which is similar to what you will find here on this site described in great detail (unfortunately, she seems a bit too commercially orientated but this is just my personal impression).

3. There are MANY proven noninvasive cancer cures (i.e. cures that have worked for various people) including the aforementioned simple prayer (again see the excellent article “My Grandmother's Liver Cancer Vanished” about a woman diagnosed with terminal liver cancer who chose to forego radiation therapy and chemotherapy and completely recovered from this disease within a few months, the only treatment consisting of many friends praying for her return to health.

If you visit the author’s Cynthia Sue Larson’s website, you’ll also find other breathtaking true stories surrounding the theme “thought influencing/controlling matter”.)

You can read about scientific studies confirming distant healing.

4. There is also a number of prayer groups in CyberSpace you can easily ask to be included in.

5. Healing is such an extremely complex issue:

I remember Seth (world-famous “entity” channelled by Jane Roberts) saying that people who develop cancer are “looking for a way out” - maybe some more food for thought and soul-searching, especially since this statement is confirmed (while somewhat qualified) by medical observers such as Dr. A., ND and Dr. Hans-Peter Zimmermann.

This might possibly be true for many people developing life-threatening illnesses, but then again I believe this may be only part of the truth, and once they resolve the reason that makes them absolutely want to be "out", they may quickly find a way to heal themselves, including spontaneous remission.

You can read a story on one of my real-life healing stories pages about a “terminal” patient who found out that one part of his psyche actually enjoyed the tremendous pain involved in the cancer he had developed, and who got completely well after this realization and “changing his mind”.

Also, one of my observations is that some people seem to have major spiritual growth experiences from their disease(s) (and possibly from those of loved ones), which makes me think that at some (probably unconscious) level of their being, they might actually "cling" to the disease state...

This theory among other reasons makes it understandable to me why occasionally (or often?) people seem quite closed to anyone or anything suggesting that healing can be accomplished (and sometimes even relatively quickly), see my article Why even very ill and suffering people — in spite of mainstream therapy failing to help them — may ridicule, reject, and attack medical alternatives in cancer treatment.

7. There is a number of cancer survivors out there who have turned their previous challenge into a wonderful way to serve the world by spreading truths about nature’s healing and/or spirituality. I feel this is one of the wonderful things about any great challenge we face and manage to overcome - the experience, knowledge and power gained to really help others facing similar challenges!!!

8. Realise that YOU are in charge of your body. After cleaning up your diet, detoxifying and properly nourishing your body, I feel it is very important to ask (you probably do this already) what the message(s) and lesson(s) behind your symptoms is/are since I think these symptoms may be “just” one of those lessons we create to teach ourselves something important we need to learn but have subconsciously refused to learn in an easier way so far (perhaps for you it is “realizing your own power of creation” and “trusting”?).

There must be some great gifts of learning in (seemingly) tremendous challenges such as this! One of my favourite spiritual inspirers, Orin, says (freely paraphrased) “the greater the pain/challenge, the greater the gift that awaits you...”

If we realize that our body basically is just empty space made of energy moving in a certain pattern with atoms thrown in at very long distances from each other, and that the body only seems solid because of the way our (highly selective and very limited in frequency scope) senses perceive it, it somehow seems very easy to influence this “material” but in reality so ethereal and unsubstantial thing called body with our thoughts and other “non-palpable” things.

I feel that apart from a physical “cleaning up one’s act” (diet upgrade, detoxification), a mental, emotional and spiritual searching and cleansing may be the most important thing to do in any type of disease to “remove” or clean the energies (such as your thoughts and negative emotions, for instance) which prevent your body from functioning at peak performance and health (As Orin says [paraphrased], and the premise Traditional Chinese Medicine is based upon: “Disease is a blockage of energy.”).

In recent years, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) has emerged as an outstanding DIY “energy healing” tool which I most highly recommend and use myself on a daily basis to help me clear “heavy” emotional issues in my life.

9. And last but not least, as you may be aware, our present-day medicine preponderantly is not based upon love but upon power (over people) and money interests. From there, all the rest follows including the widespread failure to cure.

If you read my “Why Alternatives” pages (a must-read if you are in doubt which route to choose), you will find renowned conventional cancer specialists themselves telling you the truth about the inefficiency and failure to cure of the allopathic treatment of cancer and many other diseases, as well as modern medicine’s monetary foundation in the pharmaceutical industry whose interest is not to cure.

As Orin says in “Spiritual Growth”: “...you need to see the world clearly. Don't accept things just because others do. Question what you are hearing and reading. Learn to go beyond what is commonly held to be true and discover your own truth.”

Seth writes about “giving your power away to doctors” and doctors gladly assuming power over you. Seth’s take on this was considered so dangerous (to whom?) that it was actually censored out of the German rendition of his book.

I do know that you can be healed and healthy. In the words of spiritual healer Bruno Gröning: “Any disease can be healed - but not every person.” And in those of Edgar Cayce as expressed in Reading 3744-1: “There are in truth, no incurable conditions ... that which exists is and was produced from a first cause, and may be met or counteracted, or changed, for the condition is the breaking of a law.”

I wish I could just wave a magic wand for you - but I suppose there may still be too much to be learned for you from all of this ...!!

Love, light and joy,


P.S.: Don’t hesitate to ask me more.

For an excellent informative letter to all cancer patients, see Dr. Tim O'Shea’s website (featured on the Links page where I have listed my most recommended sites for anyone interested in the natural and holistic healing of cancer).

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