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Welcome to Healing Cancer Naturally's list of links of recommended sites. To quote Dr. Claire Gildbert, “[u]nfortunately, the field of medicine today in the U.S. is highly intertwined with the pharmaceutical industry, which stands to make no profit on most of the things which maintain good health or heal a sick immune system”, so essential in successfully fighting & healing cancer.

After (or before) thoroughly perusing the extensive information on alternative cancer treatment and the natural holistic cure and healing of cancer provided by, you may find much value in the sites listed below.

Those that I most recommend for their information are marked with three stars. This doesn’t necessarily imply that the other sites listed here have less quality in my view but simply reflects the fact that I have not studied each of these (often quite extensive) sites in detail.

It also doesn’t mean that alternative cancer treatment sites not mentioned here aren’t good and useful or even excellent (!) in my book, but time and space constraints and the vagaries of search engine rankings impose a limit on what can be found and included.

Note: There is a world-wide movement underway to legally restrict access to herbs and supplements on the apparent grounds of “consumer protection”. The reader is advised to peruse these statistics on drug side effects and herbs before making up his mind where protection is truly required.
Make your voice heard!

... and for ALL the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer after studying the subject for some twenty years,

Dr. Tim O'Shea’s website. See particularly his article: “The Doors Of Perception: Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything”.
Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical Research
"We are all victims of fraud in medical research"
How radiation kills cancer patients - a short graphic explanation according to research by Dr. Revici.

Coalition against BAYER-Dangers
Very active international group of shareholders exposing and fighting the (very) dark side of this giant drug and chemical concern.

General Health & Healing

Much excellent information from a knowledgeable source.

A prolific source of in-depth background information on most central aspects of health, healing, cleansing and nutrition by an excellent writer.

Packed with great information. See particularly Dr. Tim O'Shea’s helpful articles “To the Cancer Patient” and “Journey to the Center of Your Colon”.

A great number of mostly short reports of people using various natural or nonconventional approaches to health recovery and maintenance, searchable by ailments, remedies, and supplements plus dedicated "pets" section. Some unnecessary/unhelpful questions and comments but a treasure trove nevertheless.
The perhaps largest site on how to take charge of your own health I have come across so far. Minus point: talking from personal experience, curezone copies lengthy content from other sites without attribution and respect of copyright and simply ignores friendly requests to remedy the situation.

offers the ”Soil and Health Library”, an absolutely fantastic online resource on autonomic health care, healing and living. "The titles in this library, when comprehended as an inter-related whole, constitute a self-guided course of study or curriculum that connects agricultural methods to the consequent health of animals and humans, shows how to prevent and heal disease and increase longevity." It has four major sections:

Agriculture Library
focusses on how to “create physical health through nutrition. This section's interest is far wider than organic gardening and farming; other health-determined approaches to food-raising are also included.”

Health Library
“The Restoration and Maintenance of Health. Here, the focus is nutritional medicine, primarily on methods that maintain health with proper diet and heal illness by limiting or reducing nutrition. There are also selections concerning longevity and nutritional anthropology." Contains among many titles the full text of Dr. Moser's book "How And When To Be Your Own Doctor” (an excerpt of which can be read at Healing testimony: terminal breast cancer).

Personal Sovereignty Library
“Achieving Personal Sovereignty. Physical, mental, and spiritual health are interlinked—holistic. This collection focuses on liberating achievements, especially homesteading and the skills it takes to do that: small-scale entrepreneuring, financial independence, frugality, and voluntary simplicity. There is also a collection on social criticism, especially from a back-to-the-land point of view.”

Spiritual Freedom Library
“Achieving Spiritual Freedom. There are many seemingly-different self-betterment roads leading to the same place. Most spiritual seekers choose a path that aligns with their own predispositions. The books in this collection empower a person to self-determinedly handle their own development in an independent manner.”
“Spiritual healing through the teachings of Bruno Gröning is medically verifiable! There is a Higher power which is the fundament of life and it can heal! It has been given many names: life force, vital energy (vis vitalis), prana, chi, Divine power...

Only God can truly heal; not man... For him nothing is incurable, nothing is impossible. In the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends, a forum of several thousand doctors and other professionals associated with healing checks the reports on the great number of healings that occur and when possible, compiles documentations with medical comments based on the findings of independent doctors, documenting the cases in accordance with clinical anemneses.”

One of two medically documented reports concerns a dramatic cancer cure: “To the great surprise of my doctors, a follow-up examination showed no sign of a cancerous growth in my stomach. It had simply disappeared.” More.
“A fantastic online library of health conditions and cures.”
Weston A Price Foundation. “Dr. Price's research demonstrated that humans achieve perfect physical form and perfect health generation after generation only when they consume nutrient-dense whole foods ...”
Equal, Nutrasweet, Equal Measure, Spoonful. DORway consists of around 800 WEB pages (approximately 12,000 printed pages) of solid time-tested documentation that aspartame is neither a decent diet aid... nor was it ever proven to be safe!

Compare Cancer Causes: Aspartame.
Alliance For Natural Health
“Immunics helps us tune in to our god-given healing abilities either to cure or to maintain good health by raising the immune system to its optimum level.”

Healing Cancer & Alternative Cancer Treatment

Self-help discussion lists

where you’ll find support, information and opinion:

  • support groups specifically discussing the Budwig protocol and/or diet are listed here

    General support groups are
    “Intelligent evaluation of alternative and complementary approaches to cancer. How to distinguish between quacks and possibly effective treatments and substances available today.”
    This group’s “Files” section contains among much other holistically oriented info a “list of the most inexpensive, most easy to use, most non-toxic drug free, most powerful cancer cures and cancer prevention methods, based on over 35 years experience collecting natural cures and prevention for cancer, with active links so you can see where I got my information and do your own research!”

Considering the growing importance of "alternative" cancer support groups, there should be a number of similar self-help and support groups.

Dr. Hulda Clark's Cures and Detoxification Programs was Dr. Hulda Clark’s only website and now carries virtually no content. There are a number of websites and organizations carrying Dr. Clark's name (such as, none of which were "actually hers or associated with her”.

The humanitarian work of Dr. Hulda Clark incurred the “wrath” of certain persons and vested interests and is/was under legal attack. You can help her cause by “sending in your testimonials to sales at” (where her books are published).

For an introduction to the cancer healing and “self-health” protocols developed by Dr. Clark, see the extensive excerpts from Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark’s The Cure For All Cancers as well as Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark's detoxification protocols where you can download long excerpts from her work The Cure For All Diseases.

Compare History of Alternative Cancer Treatment to read about the treatment a number of frequently successful herbal and other nonconventional cancer therapies and their inventors have received at the hands of the powers that be.

Medicinal hemp oil/medical marijuana/natural THC/cannabis oil

Also see Cancer cures achieved via natural non-invasive approaches reported on other websites.

General sites on natural cancer healing
Non-Profit Cure Research Foundation beginnning in 1976 with a special focus on cancer, the cancer division being the backbone of their current program. “The ultimate one-stop source for information about alternative cancer treatments, therapies and clinics.” Incl. a fine listing of alternative cancer medicines and therapies at .

OVERCOMING CANCER by Walter Last addresses diet, cleansing, supplements, remedies, physical and mind therapies and more.

Webster Kehr offers a systematically arranged extensive tutorial on how to optimally organise & implement a natural cancer cure, alternative cancer treatment and healing plan tailored to each specific patient’s individual needs, aimed at combining various modalities to achieve the best results in the shortest time.

Quote, “...there are so many options, it gets very, very confusing to the cancer patient. The purpose of this tutorial is to categorize and simplify how these treatment plans work, and to discuss when to use which type of treatment plan.”

Also offering (more or less in-depth) coverage of many alternative cancer treatments “including information on how to combine and supercharge these treatments with new discoveries”. Includes besides a list of over 200 different types of alternative Cancer Treatments or treatment protocols:

“The Ten Commandments of an Alternative Cancer Treatment Program”
“Those who are new to alternative treatment programs generally make critical errors in putting together their treatment program. They may use only a single treatment plan, they may eat the wrong foods during their treatment plan, they may not eat the right foods during their treatment, etc.”

Specific pages discussing for instance Bone Marrow Cancers (e.g. Multiple Myeloma [MM], Leukemia, etc.), Liver Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Rectal Cancer (includes Colon Cancer) and Adenocarcinoma.

Note: seems like a rich information source on how to systematically organise a natural cancer treatment plan with full focus on the physical/nutritional side (even if the information provided occasionally seems a bit unsubstantiated or “personal opinion”, a characteristic encountered on many Internet sites).

Personally, I believe that to be on the safe side regarding long-term success, all possible causes of cancer should be considered (i.e. in addition to the often absolutely vital physical and environmental factors also and particularly the mental, emotional and spiritual ones). See Causes of Cancer, Emotions, Mind, Spirituality, Energetics, Holism and these lucid observations on healing cancer.
"One Answer to Cancer", online book by Dr. William Donald Kelley, D.D.S., M.S. (review version 1999), is “a Must-Read when suffering from cancer”, titled “The Original Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure: Do-It-Yourself Book”. Dr. Kelley cured himself of pancreatic cancer in 1963. offers the same book for download but with a less recent year of revision (1997).

Quote: “Cancer” is impossible to 'Cure'
You can live a long 'Cancer free' life by following Dr. Kelley’s Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer paradigm. Dr. Kelley is “cancer free” now and has been since his recovery from terminal pancreatic cancer in 1963. You the “cancer victim” and only you can properly resolve your “cancer” by understanding what “cancer” is and following Dr. Kelley’s paradigm.”...
The Choice is up to you.

CANCER CURE” “legally” absence of malignant tumors, malignant blood or lymph abnormalities 5 years after initial biopsy diagnosis. Occurs in 0% to 20% of population using orthodox protocols. Occurring in 4 % to 31 % of population using alternative medical protocols.

“CANCER CURE” “complete“ absence of malignant tumors, malignant blood or lymph abnormalities indefinitely without metabolic support and dietary changes after initial biopsy diagnosis. Occurs in less than 1% of population.

“CANCER FREE” “absence of malignant tumors, malignant blood or lymph abnormalities indefinitely, using metabolic, dietary and detoxification support. Occurs in 93 % to 100 % of population using Dr. Kelley’s metabolic medicine’s programs.

Kelley is the author of another (printed) book: Cancer, Curing The Incurable Without Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation.
Shirley’s Wellness Cafe is a labour of love and a huge “melting-pot” site for “everything” related to natural health & healing. This is Shirley Lipschutz-Robinson’s page on healing and preventing cancer. Read about Shirley’s journey from ill to radiant health and from pill-popping misery to responsible living, “The Incredible Healing Power of Raw Foods and Juices”, etc.

Shirley's Wellness Cafe has (of course :-) a Breast Cancer page as well.
”[W]ith the Issels Treatment, ‘incurable’ cancer patients have led full cancer free lives, some for up to 45 years”.
The Gerson Institute for cancer treatment. Following principles of Dr. Max Gerson who had success with nutritional (based on juicing) approaches to curing cancer.

Compare the extensive Gerson Therapy pages and Best juicers, especially for cancer patients.
Using medical marijuana/medicinal hemp oil/natural THC to treat and cure cancer and other diseases: background, details, videos, testimonials, instructions

Healing & Prevention of Breast Cancer

The reader is referred to Healing Cancer Naturally’s information on cause, healing, treatment - both conventional and alternative - as well as prevention of breast cancer which can be found by using the search box appearing at the bottom of each page.

Your particular attention is directed to the Budwig diet breast cancer healing testimonials, the ”terminal” breast cancer healing achieved via ozone inhalation, juicing and drinking ozonated water, the breast cancer healing centered around raw food & detoxification, and for the esoterically inclined or tolerant, Breast cancer healed in a single session of regression therapy.

Note re Budwig and ozone treatment: It's possible that the two approaches should not be combined and only work when applied by themselves.

Alternative breast cancer healing e-mail lists:


Additionally, here is a fascinating idea, and it seems to work:

  • from (group defunct):

    “Breast Massage for health and wellness: I'm a retired massage therapist. This group is to inform and help to understand why breast massage isn't just for fun. My wife had 2 scary mammograms several years ago. I did a lot of research into massage of the breast and found next to nothing. I combined several types of massage and combined them with the use of a electric palm massager.

    When we went for the surgery they did another mammogram and to their surprise both times the lumps were gone. I've also done this treatment on some friends and neighbors with the same problem. All are healthy and come by for regular treatments. Most of these people have a long family history of breast cancer I'm just happy I can help.

    One side effect of this massage is most women find it very pleasurable and stimulating. Some women do get embarassed, you have to reassure them the feelings are natural and the massage is meant to stimulate their bodies. Try to have them just relax and enjoy the experience.

    If you have a palm massager use it with this breast exam and stay on the lumps for several minutes at a time. The breast massage should last for 20 minutes to an hour depending on size of breast. Also give a light touch massage of the rest of the body focusing on glands and joints.”

    Compare Causes of Cancer: Lymphatic Restriction and On Mammograms & Mammography.

Herbal cancer cure approaches
Ingrid Naiman's detailed information on herbal approaches to the healing of cancer
A single page explaining how to make your own medicinal hemp oil (medical marijuana to treat and cure cancer and other diseases)

A charity dedicated to helping cancer patients with both funds and information. Run by a cancer survivor and professor emeritus in the field of nursing formerly diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Albeit a medical professional, after prayers and meditation Carl Helvie decided to rely on holistic "alternative" treatments that follow natural principles. In 2017, he has been cancer-free for 43 years.

Mind power, emotions, spirituality, energy healing and cancer
A number of testimonials including many related to cancer where the healing was based on / achieved by applying the principles of Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine.
A spiritual healer who has brought hope, joy and even healing to thousands. You can meet him for free under the above link. As professor Alex Schneider who authored a book about Braco says, he found more evidence for "something" changing with Braco than with others. Highly recommended.
Tong Ren Therapy is an energetic form of healing. A site visitor (not affiliated with told me that they are having great success with cancer.
Len Walker is a UK healer who specialises in negative energies/entities and has unique experience with cancer as well (including with his own mother). If you feel your cancer is much more than meets the eye, you may wish to contact him (Len also works via Skype over the internet.)

Two general-interest articles by Len on this site are A simple but powerful self-healing technique and Guided imagery: two simple but powerful meditations/visualizations for clearing your energy field.
An energy healing approach which apparently has healed cancer and many other dis-eases.
Channelled spiritual guidance in relation to cancer interpreted by two humans (use your own discernment as always, Healing Cancer Naturally has not evaluated the contents).
An example of a different non-verbal approach to self-expression that can bring emotional relief.A special form of it, anthroposophical art therapy, sees illness as being rooted in the soul and artistic work as a way for the soul to express itself.
This video page shows among other things the successful treatment of terminal cancer via biotronic healing by Tomáš Pfeiffer, a disciple and follower of healer Joseph Zezulka, founder of biotronics.
5 minutes of free energy healing by biotronic healer Tomas Pfeiffer.
"Put your right hand over the thermograph with the self-healing code. Relax - what do you experience?"
Brenda Nelson healed herself of cancer naturally using psycho-spiritual skills and shares them on her website to enable others to do the same. In her work as a counsellor "she just asks some pertinent questions, and then any new understanding of their life and beliefs that the client might achieve during that Q & A process is what heals them."
Free guidance, inspiration and resources to assist you with your physical and emotional self-healing.

Non-invasive surgery
A new surgical procedure for cancer, apparently very successful and also useful for Parkinson's and other diseases (Dr. Kodi Vortman).

Best Juicers For Health & Healing Cancer

See Best juicers, especially for cancer patients.

Norwalk Juicer
Richard Boger (800) 405-8423

Second-Hand juicers found for instance at Ebay. The Gerson Institute also maintains a list of individuals with used juicers for sale.

Healing Aids Naturally
Alive & Well AIDS Alternatives, a non-profit grassroots education, support, and research organization founded by a group of HIV positive diagnosed men and women who have learned to live in health without AIDS drugs and without fear of illness.
Homeopathic treatment of Aids, particularly with a specific remedy named PC1.
Their book "Great Health, Naturally!" contains among other things a recipe called "Pilipili Dawa (Hot Stuff)" for improved immune response.

Urine therapy
has shown outstanding results for Aids patients (please do a search for more information).

For healing Aids, also see Private initiative reports remissions of cancer, Aids and other ailments thanks to Budwig diet & protocol, Treating Aids with Ozone and MMS® (chlorine dioxide).

More Health Links
About Health Care Fraud
Union of Concerned Scientists: very good (except for their stance on human-caused global warming with which I and a number of scientists disagree), working at bringing back honesty into science

Save Free Access to Herbs and Supplements (the new IAHF site is
International Advocates for Health Freedom
Recently (February 2013) relaunched their
Campaign For Truth In Medicine campaigns for a vast number of critical health issues and “will provide simple and effective tools to generate imaginative forms of mass protest and other means within the law to campaign against harmful health legislation and treatments”.

“CTM recognises the fundamental right of individual freedom of choice in health treatments. CTM also recognises the fact that today informed choice for treatments in medicine is the exception rather than the rule. CTM is therefore committed to the distribution of accurate health and treatment information from properly researched sources leading to a citizen's informed choice.

CTM is proud to be investor- and health product-free, making up its income purely from the sale of its well-respected medical and scientific reports. This in turn enables us to remain free of vested interest and ideological conflicts that blunt the aims and effectiveness of other organisations. This is the most effective way of building a confident, co-ordinated and united opposition to dangerous and flawed conventional practices. ...

CTM has identified 10 areas of major concern:

VESTED INTERESTS AT CORPORATE AND GOVERNMENTAL LEVEL are resulting in harmful and even fatal modes of treatment being sanctioned for the sake of industry and the shareholder. Today, Western healthcare and its drugs are the 3rd leading cause of death in the Western world. The Journal of the American Medical Association and other health industry statistics corroborate these conclusions.
Compare On Drugs.

VESTED INTERESTS IN SOME AREAS OF THE MEDIA. Many of today’s mainstream health writers and editors are in possession of well-researched life-saving information on many health issues and are being blocked from publishing it. What are some media owners afraid of? How much responsibility must they bear for allowing the public to remain uneducated on so many vital and life-saving issues?

[Compare Dr John Virapen's statement that the press works hand in glove with the pharma industry.]

DANGEROUS CONVENTIONAL TREATMENTS. Conventional drug regimes for cancer, AIDS and other so-called ‘progressive’ illnesses are highly toxic and known carcinogens, which have a well documented capacity for causing the very illnesses they are designed to defeat, killing patients indiscriminately. Many thousands of people are needlessly suffering and dying, their conditions in many instances curable with, non-toxic and non-invasive nutritional treatments. The unpatentable nature of natural products unfortunately precludes them from the profit-driven conventional market-place.
Compare On Conventional Medicine, On Modern Medicine, On Conventional Cancer Treatment, On Alternative Cancer Treatment, On Mammograms, On Cancer Causes, On Chemotherapy, On Avoidable Suffering and On Cancer Business.

THE DANGERS OF VACCINATION AND VACCINE THEORY. Mass vaccination programs are on the increase, despite there now being firm evidence linking vaccination to serious chronic health problems, such as autism, permanent brain injury and death.

SUGAR (SUCROSE), ASPARTAME AND SACCHARIN. Many medical experts agree that sugar feeds cancer. The vast majority of the population consume large quantities of refined sugar, sucrose, or its partners, aspartame and saccharin, which have now been clinically linked to (...) cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and over 100 other serious health problems. These links are being deliberately ignored or downplayed by the hugely influential and profitable sugar and sweetener industry.
Compare Cancer Causes: Aspartame, On the Link Between Sugar Consumption and Cancer, 146 reasons sugar is ruining your health, Sugar — a silent killer: an extensive discussion of the sugars and Alzheimer’s.

WHY ARE CONVENTIONAL DOCTORS NEVER TRAINED IN NUTRITION? Nutrition plays such a vital role in maintaining good health. Yet our doctors are trained in institutions funded by the pharmaceutical industry which pays scant attention to this vitally important area. Most of the diseases killing Western populations today are metabolic, toxin and diet-related. This means that the pharmaceutical drugs so foreign to the body’s metabolic processes never address underlying causes.
Compare On Drugs and Nutrition.

GENETIC ENGINEERING AND HUMAN CLONING. Crops and other foodstuffs are becoming increasingly bio-engineered to render greater output and fatter profits. ...

FLUORIDATION. For years, we have been told that fluoride consumption is a healthy necessity and safe. The reality is that these ‘fluoride’ compounds do not prevent dental cavities. Furthermore, they are in fact constituents of nerve gas and rat poison. Hexafluorosilicic acid, for example, the most widely used water fluoridation compound, is a raw industrial hazardous waste. Why are we being mass-medicated without our consent when these compounds, promoted as protecting our teeth, in fact destroy them through dental fluorosis?
Compare Causes of Cancer: Fluoridation.

ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS. Many of today’s illnesses in the human and animal population are increasingly being linked to cumulative poisoning. Pesticides, fertilisers and other toxic materials are ploughed into our soils, which subsequently reach our food-chain, producing the astonishingly b road spectrum of deadly diseases afflicting us today. What common household and personal care products do we use every day containing potentially harmful chemicals that can damage us over the long-term? And what cosmetics products, costing us a fortune, are giving us beauty to die for?
Compare Toxic chemicals & pesticides, Organic vs conventional food and cancer and The importance of minerals and trace elements for health.

VETERINARY SCIENCE AND ANIMAL CARE. The recent foot and mouth fiasco along with the equally misguided BSE policies provide classic examples of the need for fundamental change in policy. Animal illnesses are also on the rise. Unknown to most people, many animals are being adversely affected by the continued assault on their bodily systems through toxic conventional treatments, annual vaccination and contaminated feed coming from the little-scrutinised animal rendering and pet food industry.
Compare Milk and the Cancer Connection, Vegetarians live longer and The importance of minerals and trace elements for health.

Join CTM for FREE at

More Ways to protect your health by making your voice heard
Did you know that MSG is being sprayed on produce? Another reason to go for organic whenever possible.

“It's history, but still ongoing. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA has approved virtually unrestricted use of MSG for use on growing produce, while California continues to approve use of MSG in fungicides, plant growth regulators fertilizers, and other crop sprays. ... California has approved spraying MSG, milk protein, and carcinogens on a number of food crops; and requests for additional approvals are pending.

Objections have been filed with both the EPA and the State of California by the Truth in Labeling Campaign. Both have responded with words we have come to expect from the glutamate industry.
Anyone can speak out against applying MSG to crops.”

Is there a cure for cancer? After 20 years of research

discover what this German expert thinks.

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