Terminal leukemia cured via urine therapy and live food diet

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Among other cancer cure cases reported by John W. Armstrong in his book "The Water of Life" (compare Urine therapy as a cancer cure: testimonials), Armstrong relates a very impressive case of acute myeloid leukemia (then known as leucocythemia) that was healed thanks to urine therapy combined with dietary improvements.

This cancer patient, a man of 48, had been given three months to live by his doctors. He had already lost four stone (i.e. fourteen pounds or 6.4 kg) in a year, and another one during several weeks of medical therapy (which consisted in deep x-ray therapy, drugs and injections). When five weeks upon receiving his terminal diagnosis he finally came to see John W. Armstrong, he was already too ill to walk unaided.

Armstrong put him on a week of urine and water fasting combined with numerous urine massages. The "terminal" patient improved to the point that he recovered his ability to walk unsupported.

Since he balked at continuing the fast, he was put on a diet of raw fruit (mostly apples, oranges, tomatoes, bananas) as well as salads, steamed vegetables, jacket potatoes, raw milk and honey.[1]

All of these foods were administered in small amounts while continuing with urine massages and the drinking of urine. Later he was allowed to add steamed fish and meat but nothing from tins or that had been cooked twice.

His previous test had shown 556,000 more leukocytes (white cells) than red ones per mm3 of blood. Six weeks after his first consultation with Armstrong, a new blood test was performed showing that his blood now carried less than half that amount per cubic millimeter.

Greatly encouraged, the patient agreed to do another six weeks of several seven-day rounds of urine and water fasting. His last blood test showed that his blood had returned to normal, and soon after, the former terminal but now healthy patient returned to work.

The story had no permanent happy ending, however, since after two years he returned to his bad diet, and another four years later he died while undergoing conventional drug treatment for the flu.

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1 Raw natural honey is itself a medical and anticancer treatment see details under Treating Cancerous Tumors with Pure Raw Honey Packs. Raw milk has powerful remineralising properties, see An excellent source of bioavailable tooth-friendly minerals & trace elements.

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